At this Snapshot in my Journey

I am a rising junior at MIT reflecting and inquiring about the world around me, unafraid to ask the hard questions in life. I'm currently studying computer science and economics, but this may change since I'm taking a chill summer to do some more soul-searching.

I would love to chat with you if you think you have any thoughts or ideas about this.

Thinking about life is hard, but rewarding.

Things I care about
  • Finding truth
  • Figuring out how to life
  • Contributing to a prosperous society
Things I'm Working On
  • Being kind to myself
  • Trusting myself
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Finding intrinsic motivation
Things I Want To Be Proud Of
Things I enjoy

Posters of Thoughts

Now that you've scrolled down this far, time for some posters!

Posters and diagrams I made while thinking about how to life

Say Hi

Some of my most interesting and life-changing insights come from talking to other people. Even if you don’t feel like you have anything to say, you probably have something interesting to share. All of us come from different backgrounds, so something that is obvious to you may have been overlooked by me.

Feel free to

Also, I love feedback! Feel free to ocassionally spam my anonymous comments form!

And you've made it to the end! :)