~ Heyooo ~

I'm Emily

I'm just another human being trying to navigate life. Sometimes with amazement, confusion, pain, excitement, and more… ah, the diversity of experiences! The world is an interesting place, isn't it?

…ok so who am I really? The following text is an attempt to answer that question, though it is an imcomplete answer.

whoami attempt, last updated 28 May 2024

~ About ~

I graduated with a B.S. in computer science from MIT in June 2023, and did a chain of software and data-related internships across Europe this past year through the MIT MISTI program (London, United Kingdom; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark). I'm planning to do the MATS program in AI Safety this summer in an attempt to investigate and discover how I want to make a positive impact on the world.

In the past, I started a campaign to get my local city council to support bills promoting sustainability, built a Chrome Extension that makes Facebook less distracting, and organized some communities (for instance, EA Meditation Linktree, EA Coworking Discord, EA Mental Health & nEArodivergent Support Discord) for people interested in doing good.

Reflecting on life can be hard, but rewarding.

~ Things ~

Things I Care About
  • Societal well-being
    • Future of AI and cybersecurity and how they relate to the rest of society
    • The health of Mother Earth
    • Global mental well-being
  • Truth and curiosity
    • Buddhist, Taoist, and other philosophies
    • Start with curiosity rather than judging
  • Personal well-being and growth
  • Community
  • ...and more!
Things I'm Working On
  • Developing my mindbody
    • Sleep
    • Listening to my body and feelings
    • Meditating, and being mindful and present
  • Making decisions
    • Career
    • Where to live longer term
    • Owning up to the bad things I've done, and embracing the lessons
  • Personal well-being and growth
  • Community
  • ...and more!
Things I enjoy
  • Biking
  • Playing volleyball
  • Aggressively experimenting with food
  • Exploring what lies within me
  • Coming up with new ideas on how to life
  • Learning about counterintuitive things, different cultures, beautiful things
  • Connecting with others and meeting cool people like you!
  • ...and more!

Anyway... you seem like a cool person! Yes, you! I would love to chat with you if you think you have any thoughts, ideas, or interesting or boring life experiences.

~ Posters ~

Now that you've scrolled down this far, time for some posters!

Posters and diagrams I made while thinking about how to life

~ Say Hi ~

Some of my most interesting and life-changing insights come from talking to other people. Even if you don't feel like you have anything to say, you probably do. All of us come from different backgrounds, so something that is obvious to you may have been overlooked by me. This applies to people who think they come from "boring backgrounds" as well.

Feel free to

Also, I love feedback! Feel free to ocassionally spam my anonymous comments form!

And you've made it to the end! :)